Unitedweb Announces Investment in iboost

New online company provides small business start-up tools

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA - August 8, 2012 – Unitedweb (www.unitedweb.com), a private equity investment and management firm, announces today that it has added iboost (www.iboost.com) to its company portfolio. iboost is an online resource that helps start-up businesses get off the ground and establish their organization in the marketplace. From step one of ordering business cards through website launch, iboost is a one-stop shop for small and emerging businesses looking to make an immediate impression on their customers.

With its recently launched website, iboost serves as an affordable online starter-kit for small and mid-sized businesses that are in need of branding, promotional and marketing communication tools to help develop their company. The iboost website offers a single source for printing collateral including business cards, letterhead and brochures; marketing services including SEO consultations and QR Code Generators; and design services including logo and website creation. The website offers business owners the flexibility of utilizing their own design graphics or choosing from a wide selection of custom-designed templates for their product development.

Unitedweb has backed iboost with the first round of investment funding to support the new launch. iboost joins other members of the Unitedweb family of high-tech, Internet-based companies that are designed to help small and midsize businesses achieve greater productivity and growth.

Unitedweb Chairman and CEO, Thomas Gorny says about the launch, "iboost provides a creative solution for business owners and entrepreneurs in need of a unique, quick and high quality look without the time and cost of hiring a custom designer or agency. The online business is the perfect fit for Unitedweb, as it is the first point of contact for people as they start their business. We are happy to be a first round investor in this innovative company."

About Unitedweb Unitedweb (www.unitedweb.com) invests in, operates and promotes companies in technology-based markets that serve small-to-midsize businesses. The Unitedweb family of companies provides technology, communication and internet services that solve real problems for their clients and enable them to grow. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Unitedweb is led by Thomas Gorny, a visionary with a track record of successfully developing small business investments into sustainable mid-to-large size organizations.

About iboost Iboost (www.iboost.com) is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. For new business owners, iboost offers a range of branding services: printing, branding, web hosting, internet security, business VoIP phone and fax, web couponing and social media management. Whether a new business is starting from square one or needs to expand and strengthen its brand, iboost can help. Branding is crucial yet daunting necessity for all businesses and it is important to do it right. By combining both new and traditional marketing techniques, iboost, with Unitedweb's support, offers small business an incredible array of options at affordable prices. For more information, contact iboost at 1-877-800-2120.