Unitedweb Announces Investment in iboost

(February 4th, 2010) - Effective branding schemes are integral to business building and strengthening. However, many branding options can be unaffordable and less than effective. However, Unitedweb is proud to call themselves a first round investor of iboost, which offers corporate-quality branding options for small business budgets.

“iboost allows small businesses to achieve a corporate branding effect without the high cost,” says Thomas Gorny, CEO of Unitedweb. “We are happy to be a first round investor in this unique company.”

Unitedweb aids small and medium-sized businesses in creating and strengthening online presence. It owns and manages Internet brands and companies in the following ways: deploying capital, leveraging skills sets, individually helping each company grow and centralizing marketing schemes. Unitedweb can be involved in companies to varying degrees. Unitedweb can help run the company with a leadership position to solely participating on the board. The level of involvement depends on the company's maturity. Unitedweb seeks to become the #1 eBusiness Provider of Products and Services to small and medium-sized businesses. Unitedweb also seeks to streamline web applications for business owners. Some of Unitedweb's brands include Nextiva, a leading provider of small business communications services, and iPower.com, one of the largest web hosting providers in the world.

Iboost was launched in January 2010 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. For new business owners, iboost offers a range of branding services: printing, branding, web hosting, internet security, VoIP for phone and fax, web couponing and social media management. Whether new businesses need help from square one or if a small business would like to expand and strengthen branding, iboost can help. Branding is crucial yet daunting necessity for all businesses and it is important to do it right. By combining both new and old marketing and branding techniques, iboost, with Unitedweb's support, offers small business an incredible array of options at a range of prices.