Branding Solutions for Small Businesses

(May 8th, 2010) - Branding solutions for small businesses can be expensive. However, with options from iboost, businesses can build a brand that is both effective and affordable. Founded in January 2010 and head quartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, iboost offers a range of branding options to improve existing branding efforts or to help create an all-new branding strategy. Their services include printing, branding, web hosting, internet security, VoIP for phone and fax, web couponing and social media management. With the range of new and old marketing methods, iboost can execute unique branding depending on the client's needs.

“iboost aids businesses in the creation of unique and effective branding,” Tracy Conrad, President of Unitedweb, says. “It is boon to small businesses who seek corporate-level branding for a affordable cost.”

Unitedweb is a first round investor in iboost. It owns and manages Internet brands and companies to enable small and medium sized businesses to create and strengthen online presences. Utilizing the internet allows these businesses to build an online presence, manage their business and clientele, promote their brand, and profit from the internet. There are four ways that Unitedweb operates as a first round investor. Namely, Unitedweb deploys capital, leverages skills sets, individually helps each company grow and centralizes marketing schemes. Unitedweb can help run the company with a leadership position to participating on the board. The level of involvement depends on the company's maturity.

Unitedweb seeks to become the #1 eBusiness Provider of Products and Services to small and medium-sized businesses. Unitedweb also seeks to streamline web applications for business owners. Some of Unitedweb's brands include Nextiva, a leading provider of small business communications services, and, one of the largest web hosting providers in the world.