Unitedweb First Round Investor in WebCoupons

(January 12th, 2011) - Coupon clipping from the newspaper is a thing of the past. With WebCoupons, businesses can post coupons online and customers can easily find them. Unitedweb was a first round investor in WebCoupons, which was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company specializes in providing coupons to local consumers, both from the business side and the individual customer side.

With the service provided by WebCoupons, business can create, manage and publicize coupons to both build an online presence and drive traffic to the actual business. Coupons can be syndicated on webcoupons.com, mobile apps, and also websites such as Google, Bing, FaceBook, Twitters and other various social media sites.

“With WebCoupons, smaller businesses can create an online presence and attract new customers in an affordable and efficient way,” says Thomas Gorny, CEO of Unitedweb, which is the first round investor of Webcoupons.

For centuries, coupons have been a crucial marketing tool for local business to attract new customers. In recent years, these local businesses have branched online, which opens up the customer base and allows for strong publicity options. WebCoupons allows businesses, big and small, new and established, to post coupons so they are easily searchable by a broader audience. Smaller businesses can achieve a level popularity that was previously unthinkable and unaffordable.

First round investor, Unitedweb, owns and manages Internet brands and companies to enable small and medium sized businesses to create and strengthen online presences. Unitedweb operates as a first round investor in the following ways: deploying capital, leveraging skills sets, individually helping each company grow and centralizing marketing schemes. Unitedweb can also be involved in companies to varying degrees, depending on the maturity of the company in question. Unitedweb seeks to become the #1 eBusiness Provider of Products and Services to small and medium-sized businesses.