WebCoupons Helps Businesses Build Online Presence

(March 2nd, 2011) - Combining new and old can be the most innovative marketing scheme. With WebCoupons, businesses, both big and small, can build an online web presence with posting online coupons. These coupons are made easily searchable and visible for customers to discover new businesses in their area. Not only does it save the consumer money, but it helps businesses attract new customers. The internet can be difficult to navigate with the range of search engines, social media sites and other websites.

“There are an infinite number of sites and ways to create an online brand,” says Tracy Conrad, President of Unitedweb, the first round investor of Webcoupons. “With Webcoupons, businesses can take advantage of a marketing technique in an easy, affordable and streamlined fashion.”

However, with WebCoupons, businesses can syndicate their coupons webcoupons.com, mobile apps, and also websites such as Google, Bing, FaceBook, Twitters and other various social media sites. WebCoupons was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company specializes in online coupon management and promotion, which is extremely innovative and important for small businesses who are building an online presence. Having an online presence establishes a stronger brand and can widen the consumer base. An online presence is integral to growth and strenght of a brand, whether it is local or global. WebCoupons thus enables both new and established businesses, big and small, to ensure future success.

WebCoupons' first-round investor, Unitedweb, owns and manages Internet brands and companies to enable small and medium sized businesses to create and strengthen online presences. Unitedweb operates as a first round investor in the following ways: deploying capital, leveraging skills sets, individually helping each company grow and centralizing marketing schemes. Unitedweb can also be involved in companies to varying degrees, depending on the maturity of the company in question. Unitedweb seeks to become the #1 eBusiness Provider of Products and Services to small and medium-sized businesses.